Large Reverse Glass Paintings
Falls Painting
Earth from space painting
Vision of Home

Radiant Panorama Painting
Radiant Panorama
mermaid painting
Apollo 12 Earth Return
Welcome Home
"While most of my imagery are fanciful, this particular image is a depiction of a real event, commissioned by a collector; a scene that the Apollo 12 crew saw on their return trip to Earth."
deep space
Deep Space
up close
Up Close and Personal
karen falls
Karen's Falls
last dance
Last Dance
Snow Galaxy painting
Snow Galaxy
first kiss
First Kiss
All of these paintings are available as prints and some as originals.
If you find something you like on the Small, Digital or Traditional Paintings pages that I haven't uploaded yet, please do ask.
Third Moon reverse glass painting
Third Moon
Time to Reflect reverse glass painting
Time to Reflect
Waves extrasolar reverse glass painting
Towers reverse glass painting
Own an Original"I have been working with glass for thirty+ years, with artworks in collections worldwide. My paintings can be translucent, similar to stained glass, but with much more detail and with more flexibility in the subject matter. It can also be totally opaque, framed to hang on your wall." Garden Concert
Garden Concert
Add the vibrance of a Reverse Painted Glass Original to your home or office today.
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