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Glass Nebula
First Kiss Reverse Glass Painting"The technique I use is Reverse Painting on glass. I had seen Reverse Painting while I was growing up and was captivated by its depth and radiance. When I finally started painting, I decided to teach myself to reverse paint on glass instead of learning to paint the "normal" way. Although I can, and do, paint the traditional way, in acrylics or watercolors, I prefer the crisp, clean brilliance that comes from painting on glass. I use dangerous techniques, employing shards of glass, razor blades, ice picks, scalpels, and even fire to build textures."
Paintings & Giclée Prints"Glass paintings offer a luminance that is quite rare. The paintings themselves are quite vivid and lustrous, and that radiance translates remarkably well into the many wonderful limited edition prints, posters, bookmarks and cards that we have produced from them."
Own an Original"I have been working with glass for twenty years, with artworks in collections worldwide. My paintings can be translucent, similar to stained glass, but with much more detail and with more flexibility in the subject matter. It can also be totally opaque, framed to hang on your wall." Garden Concert Reverse Glass Original
Garden Concert
Add the vibrance of a Reverse Painted Glass Original to your home or office today.
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