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Authorized Use of Copyrighted Works

This is to guide you on the use of copyrighted images and writings on your website. Please read it carefully and ask any questions you may have. I will answer all e-mail promptly.

For any uses beyond the web requiring higher resolution; high-res digital files or 35mm, 4"x5" or 8"x10" transparencies for reproduction are available. Please use the mailto: link and we can discuss your project.

I welcome enthusiastic visitors to these pages and encourage participation by interested parties far and wide. Often I am asked to provide images for other Web sites, which has become an interesting and educational enterprise. Patrons, publications and fans have embraced my images and requested originals, prints, photographs and digital editions, displaying them prominently in their homes, offices, public spaces, and now on the Internet in various environments. It gives me a thrill to know that so many enjoy my paintings. The images and writings found here are an ongoing portfolio made available to people to whom I otherwise may never have the opportunity of meeting and sharing what I work so hard to create.

It has come to my attention that, from time to time, images are "borrowed" to grace the pages of previous visitors. This, in and of itself, is not a problem and I welcome it, granting permission provided that certain minimum conditions are met. All I ask is that you contact me first and ask. Having a granted permission use has its advantages.

Copyright - Why it Applies Here
The ready availability of large quantities of information in an instant has given rise to the idea that anything found on the internet is free for the taking. That it happens to be found here in electronic form, by keyboard command or mouse click and does not require the purchase of a printed publication to access, does not invalidate the International or United States Copyright Laws. Adding to this misunderstanding are the site providers who have developed online forms that will construct a home page without the user being required to learn HTML. The majority of these providers do not allow uploading of files to their server, hence the page construction form. The user is thereby encouraged to simply put in links to elements on a remote site to personalize the page design - most often neglecting to mention that permission must first be obtained, and a credit line/copyright notice be placed adjacent to the work used, if the user is not the author.

Thumbnails and Bandwidth
This situation also gives rise to another - "bandwidth borrowing", using the resources of the person providing the material. Graphics sites are high bandwidth class due to the nature of the material. Thumbnails are employed, compressed to an optimum level, so that the pages load quickly, even on a slower link. If a person is interested in an image, a click on the miniature displays the full size version. Not so in the case of a display image linked from a person's remote page. It is most always the full size version that is being supplied each time a visitor comes to their site. You can readily see that this adds up rapidly. If you are intending to only display a thumbnail sized image please link to the thumbnail version and not to the full size, then compress it with width/height values into a thumbnail.

What's in it for me...
Everything found in is copyrighted under Federal protection. My work is available here as a way to promote my career and show my creations to a much larger audience than was previously possible. To make sure I can keep creating these works of art, I must request recognition so that others may view additional works and be able to contact me for future commissions or purchases. My art is what allows me to eat, live and continue to create more beautiful works of art.

What's in it for you...
You'll feel great about it and be giving credit for something you find enjoyable. If your link results in a commission for me, I'll send you a nifty "Thank You!!" gift for helping me further my career. You also wont be breaking the law and (depending on the usage) be risking any sort of legal action that I might have to take to protect my rights.

If this sounds agreeable to you, hit the mailto: link and drop me a line. I'd love to discuss your plans and how to proceed.

Code for insertion into your pages:
I've provided below the code that I request you use. To place images into your page, just drag across the displayed code as viewed on this page and copy/paste into your editor. Copy the code directly as it is displayed here. Do not view the source and copy, as you'll get code that will not work.

The Code:

<img src="" 
alt="(IMAGE-TITLE)"><br /><b>(IMAGE-TITLE)</b><br />
<a href="" 
Copyright &copy; 1997 Joy Alyssa Day, 
All Rights Reserved, Used with Permission.</a>


Vision of Home
Vision of Home
Copyright © 1997 Joy Alyssa Day, All Rights Reserved, Used with Permission.

! Replace "(FILENAME.jpg)", "???" and "(IMAGE-TITLE)" above as appropriate to the image you have chosen. The image pixel dimension styles: "width:???px" and "height:???px" values are optional but allow your page to display faster if included.

A Text Link provided somewhere on the page or on a links page with whatever flattering description seems appropriate — that provided below and/or words of your own choosing to fit the case.

The Code:

<a href="">
<b>Glass Nebula Studio</b><br />
The Reverse Glass Art of Joy Alyssa Day</a>


Glass Nebula Studio
The Reverse Glass Art of Joy Alyssa Day

Thank you!

References of Interest:

Images and copy may *NOT* be altered in any way without expressed written permission. This granted permission is not irrevocable. I may withdraw permission at any time for any reason. I'm easy to come to an agreement with - it's mostly in cases of inapropriate use.

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