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57.5" x 10.5" Framed

Poseidon's Delight

41" x 19" Framed

These paintings are on GLASS. It isn't stained glass — there are no lines of metal. They are not translucent, to be hung in windows (although this is possible and I can take new commissions that can be made to do this). These are Reverse Painted on Glass, completely framed and ready to hang on your wall.

Vision Of Home

25" x 37" Framed

A Time To Reflect

17" x 21" Framed

Most of the paintings I create are commissioned works. Others are sold before they're completed. Many people have fallen in love with a particular painting only to find that it has already been sold. They ask if I can make another "Just Like It!" Yes ...and no. I will gladly make a painting similar, with the elements that you desire, but the results will be completely unique to your new painting. Many times they turn out better than the one that they had seen earlier - my skills are more finely tuned and I experiment with more techniques.

If you don't see the paintings you like available here, send me an order for a new commission. Tell me which image, or parts of images, you like and we'll talk about creating a new painting especially for you. You'll love the vibrance, depth and detail a reverse glass artpiece will bring to your home.

First Kiss

25" x 13" Framed


37" x 14" Framed

An Angel Kneels on 9/11

Canvas 25" x 37" Framed

Garden Concert

28" x 22" Framed

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