"These are images done in the "normal way"
— working on the front —
using traditional media on canvas."
6 Meters To Touchdown6 Meters To Touchdown
Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory Rover, suspended on its cables beneath the levitating Sky Crane that is gently lowering it to the Martian surface in Gale Crater, where it will begin its 98 week Primary Mission sojourn. After a 352 million mile journey, there are only 6 meters left to go to reach its destination.
kneeling An Angel Kneels on 9/11
This signed & numbered limited edition gicleé on canvas was painted shortly after the terrorist acts and is the first in a series of September 11 paintings that Joy is producing. It has been exhibited at the Society of Illustrators in New York City as part of their Prevailing Human Spirit show in the Spring of 2001 and again that Summer. It has also been on display at the United Nations as a subset of this show.
The Origin of Meteorites Mural
The Origin of Meteorites Mural

26 Feet Long Painted on One Continuous Piece of Canvas
valleyValley new horizon
New Horizon

All of these paintings are available as prints and one as an original.
If you find something you like on the Large, Small or Digital Paintings pages that I haven't uploaded yet, please do ask.
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