Photos of the Mount St. Helens IAAA Workshop
August 10-14, 1997

IAAA St. Helens Artists (minus Joy)
Jean-Paul Faissant, Bill Hartmann, BJ Johnson
Steve Mercer, April Faires, Sam Deitze, Jon Ramer
and Joy Alyssa Day (behind the camera)

Mt. St. Helens from the south

Spirit Lake

Muddy River Valley

Hundred foot tall basalt cliffs

Rainbows down the waterfall

Waterfall into the canyon

Jon in a flawless swandive

BJ hanging his feet into the canyon

Joy, having too much fun

Jon, Steve, and BJ under the bridge

Indiana Joy "Stop shaking the bridge!"

Jon showing us he's a ham

It's a Full Moon!

Getting ready for sunset photos

Mt. St. Helens in sunset

Clouds over St. Helens

BJ and a smiley chopper

St. Helens Lava Dome

Steam jets out of the lava dome
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