Eternity's Climb
Created For Ivan Bertolla

IBM Version

  • Right-click (click/hold on Mac) the image, choose Save Link As... to begin distribution file download.
  • Once download is complete, expand the archive and open files in Photoshop 5.
  • Save As... to TIFF format prior to working with it. The JPEG format is only for transmission purposes.
  • Please see production notes below.

Ivan Bertolla's 'Beyond The Skies Eternity'

Repro quality images are processed for printing in Photoshop 5 for Windows,
with embedded ICC color tags and
are compatible with MacOS 8.5 color calibration set to 2.2 Gamma. They have been levels adjusted and unsharp masked and should need no further adjustments prior to RIP.
If you are running on the Macintosh platform with calibration set to standard Mac 1.8 Gamma, open the TIFF file in Photoshop and run Levels, moving only the center point to 0.81 to create a file compatible with that gamma setting.
Do not run Auto-Levels on these files.

The images are 5.25" x 5.25", giving you 1/8" bleed on all sides. Crop marks are included in the corners indicating the appropriate crop.

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