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I come from a theatrical background, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Arts from Purdue University, and working as a professional costume designer for a number of years. While working as the resident designer and part time instructor at Linfield College near Portland, Oregon, I developed my glass painting techniques.
After I started producing glass paintings that looked really cool and were selling, I decided to leave the theatre business to devote myself full time to my artwork.



While not working for theatres any more, designing and making costumes is still a heck of a lot of fun to me. I make fantasy, science fiction and historical costumes. I showcase these costumes at various competitions around the country. It's mostly a chance for me to get up on stage and perform. I love to entertain people, even though I am fairly shy about it. I have many other hobbies as well -- travelling, woodworking, hiking, dancing, music, astronomy, reading... Here are some of them.

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