Here are some other artists who have inspired me.
International Association of Astronomical Artists
  This is a wonderful collection of the best space artists in the world.
  Space Art Resources, Astronomical Art and Artists' Hosting
IAAA Mt. St. Helens Workshop
  The IAAA had an artist's workshop What a great time we had!
Air&Space Artist B.E. Johnson
  BJ does beautiful traditional and digital paintings. Amazing detail.
Dave Archer Electric Glass Studios
  Dave reverse paints on glass and uses huge arcs of electricity in his technique.
Glass Onion Graphics - Featuring the Art of Michael Whelan
  Michael's work has been one of my biggest inspirations.
The Michael David Ward Universe
  Michael David Ward also reverse paints on glass. Very vibrant.
BFI Art Gallery -Online Shopping of Oil paintings,Watercolor,Bronze Sculpture
  Huge Archive of paintings,sculpture,handicrafts of India.
Gallery Today
  An amazing collection of paintings and artists.
Maxfield Parrish Gallery
  It's Maxfield Parrish... what more needs to be said?
H.R.Giger, Official Website
  Creator of the Alien, Giger's work is beautifully frightening.
  Artist Resource
  A very helpful site to any struggling artist.
David A Hardy's Astro Art Pages
Shades Of Perception Alternative Art and Literature
Music From Another Planet - Musician Ivan Bertolla.
  I'm painting the cover for his debut CD, Beyond The Skies Eternity.
Art of Joe Bergeron
Spacescapes - Astronomical Art of Don Dixon
InfraRealism - Paintings by Stanislaw Kors
  Kors' paintings are soothing and sensual.
Illustrations by 3D artist Yoshihiro Kimura.
  Fun and delightful animations and 3D images.
Alan M. Clark - Illustrator
  Alan Clark is a really twisted sf/fantasy artist. Look at de Bones!!
Michael Bohme
SFWA Art Gallery
  Science Fiction Writers of America Art Gallery.
Ultimate Guide to the SF/Fantasy and Surreal Art
  This site has *tons* of SF and Fantasy artists. Quite Wonderful!
Blue Water Shops
  A wonderful source for art links, especially Glass Art.
Jerusalem Gifts
  Has one of the largest directories of worldwide online Craft links.
Mateo Net
  One of the largest Arts, Humanities and Spirituality directories.
Invest In The Arts
  Beautiful photography, ceramic art, raku, and many other works of art.
Page Abramova
  Mostly very cool Russian art, but also many other artists links.
Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
  Golden Acrylic Paints are the richest and most brilliant I've found. For all of your printing needs.
  Less Hassle-Less Money
Get great stuff at Amazon
Art Calendar Magazine
  The Business Magazine for Visual Artists.
Graphic Artists Guild
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